Standard OWB Builder Walkthrough

2 min. readlast update: 10.18.2023

This walkthrough is designed to explain the different terms and builder accessories 

This builder walkthrough will work for quick ship OWB or our traditional OWB builder

Some Links to start:

Here is a link to all OWB builders. In this guide we are referencing the Standard Outside Waistband Builder or the Quick Ship Standard Outside the Waistband Builder

Begin by choosing the quick ship OWB builder (limited models currently) or the standard OWB builder 

  • First choose the desired color, a larger color swatch page can be found here
  • Choosing make and model, if you have questions on compatibility please use our contact form or live chat feature. 
  • Left or right handed will be determined by wether you are left hand dominant or right hand dominant. 
  • Gun cant will provide a slight 10 degree angle to your holster. This is personal preference. 
  • The injection molded loop refers to the loop that is used to attach your holster to your belt. 1.5" refers to your belt width. Most belts are 1.5" wide vs some tactical belts which can be 1.75". 
  • The pancake loops allow the holster to sit much tighter to the body 
  • The speed clips allow the holster to be removed from the user without removing the belt 
  • A lifetime warranty will cover the holster for life, no questions asked replacement. We just ask for a photo of the break for our records. A new holster is put in QUE immediately and sent through the manufacturing process rapidly. 
  • Breakthrough clean is an addon product. This will not effect the holster in any way. It is a convenient way to add an eco friendly military grade cleaning solvent, lubricant or both to your order. We believe in this product and use it regularly. 

Photo of a standard OWB holster


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