Nidhogg Series Holsters

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In Depth guide and explanation into one of our flagship holsters

The Nidhogg is a unique design which incorporates mounting solutions for Safariland QLS Fork, G-Code RTI hanger, and also fits the Blade Tech Tek Lok and other mounting from Blade Tech (Blade Tech mounting options not included during ordering). 

The Nidhogg is CNC cut and vacuum formed for accuracy and precision fit. All ANR Design Nidhogg holsters are Optic cut, Suppressor Sight Height, and Threaded Barrel ready.

Within the Nidhogg builders the user can opt for a partial system or full drop-leg setup Like the one pictured here. 



to create a full dropleg system the following items are available

  • ANR Thigh band is a retrofit herbal upgrade to any Safariland QLS,  Blade Tech, and maybe even G-Code belt mount styled tactical outside the waistband holster. Adjustable circumference, with a regulating strap and easy off buckle 
  • The Vastus System lightweight thigh band mod that will work with any drop-leg system sporting a Safariland hole pattern. The system keeps your thigh strap dropped below the holster and belt mount for a more comfortable fit that prevents the strap from riding up the leg
  • Our Tactical Belt mount solution(for applying maximum cant to a holster system. Many Safariland ALS holsters are at a fixed 15 degree forward cant causing ingress of foreign material into the optics shroud, rendering the optic unusable. This tactical belt Mount system allows the end user to get -5 degrees rearward cant on any fixed 15 degree cant forward Safariland style holster. It has rotational slots for both Safariland style hole patterns and Blade Tech style hole patterns.)
  • The safariland Q22 female reciever is designed to accept the QLS 19 Locking Fork. Constructed of injection molded nylon, it screws onto mounting platforms such as a tactical leg shroud, belt loop, wall or any other stable location 

You can find all of our nidhogg builders here

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